Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kirby Your Enthusiasm, episode 13: "The Dirty Writer"

A RAMBLING discourse this time round. Firstly, I plug the shit out of a bunch of podcasts and websites:
* Mike Pindell's Comic Book Attic (
* Derek Coward's Comic Book Noise (, AND
* Harry Cee's The Next Issue (

Also, The Next Issue has its own Facebook group at!/groups/167476376654249/?ap=1. So does this blog at!/groups/251545944859184/?ap=1.

And a final few plugs to:
* Lone Star Comics (, AND
* (

I think that's the lot. :)

Next, I rave about sci-fi authors, including Philip Jose Farmer and his intriguing Riverworld and Wold Newton family concepts. Finally, I review the first three TPBs of Gail Simone's Secret Six. Flawed but fun reading.

Running time: 46 minutes

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