Monday, November 30, 2015

IN THE 'HOUSE (a review of AdHouse Books)

SO, Chris Pitzer from AdHouse Books recently sent me a stack of comics, most of which I greatly enjoyed. AdHouse produces some eclectic books that are worthy of your consideration if you love indie artists like Daniel Clowes and and Chris Ware.

Supermag by Jim Rugg (AdHouse Books, 2013) ****
I’m aware of Rugg’s work and this mag sold me from the get-go. How can I NOT love a mag where the wrap-around cover shows a masked luchador rearranging some scrub’s face with a dropkick? This high-quality mag showcases Rugg’s many art styles and Clowes-like scripts. Really nice stuff.

Pope Hats #3-4 by Ethan Rilly (AdHouse Books, 2012-15) *****
Speaking of Clowes, the pick of the titles is Pope Hats. #3 is a full-length comic about a lawyer dealing with office politics while coping with the growing success of her actress room mate. #4 features several short stories, the best and longest tale about parents dealing with their adult daughter’s onset of schizophrenia. It’s depressing and brilliant. Rilly is clearly at the top of his game and a creator to watch from the AdHouse stable.

Sadly, I wasn’t so enamoured with Skyscrapers Of The Midwest #4 by Joshua W. Cotter (AdHouse Books, 2007) ***¼, White Clay by Thomas Herpich (AdHouse Books, 2012) ** and The Secret Voice #1 by Zack Soto (AdHouse Books, 2005) ***½
However, AdHouse blew me away with the wordless Mort Grim by Doug Fraser (AdHouse Books, 2005) ***** and the quirkily brilliant UR by Eric Haven (AdHouse Books, 2014) *****

All in all, I was impressed by what AdHouse is putting out there. Indie fans should definitely give this company their support (and money, don’t forget that part either).

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My October Comic Block from NerdBlock

Oooh.....what's in this month's box?

A Spawn T-shirt. I hate Spawn.

A Venom print plus three comics: Back to The Future (don't care), Lara Croft (really don't care) and Heroes Vengeance (really, REALLY don't care).

Dang? That's all? Better luck next month, Dann.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Opening my Marvel Collector Corps: Villains Box

VILLAINS! I'm excited to see what's inside.

A Red Skull patch, but something else has gone missing. Oh no....never fear...

...oh, here it is. A Green Goblin pin - it had come loose and was inside the box. Cool.

What else? A nice T-shirt. Good stuff.

Iron Man #1? Hell, yeah!

OK, the real meat is here. A Zombie Morbius bobblehead POP! Vinyl, a Dorbz Loki doll and a Venom keyring (which I passed onto Dash - he now needs a key to put on it).

Fuck! Even the empty box is awesome!
AW YEAH, I'm seriously impressed.
I can't wait for the Guardians Of The Galaxy box in a couple of months.

Kirby Your Enthusiam. ep. 43: "The times they are a'changing"

A VERY short podcast in which I discuss my comics pull for November 5. Plus I reveal my new philosophy when it comes to buying "floppies" (single issues) over "trades" (TPBs).
Times are tough, my friends.
The podcast can be found HERE.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

REVIEW: Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas by Troy Little (Top Shelf, 2015)

NO SOUNDTRACK could be more appropriate while reading this faithful, rather BRILLIANT adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's classic early 70s tale of drugs, drugs and more drugs (and the attempted discovery of "The American Dream") than Coil's Time Machines (1998). Suitably twisted music to accompany the deranged, partly factual adventures of two twisted souls, Raoul Duke and Dr Gonzo, on their red convertible journey into the Heart of Darkness (aka Las Vegas).
Ostensibly, Duke (in reality, Thompson) is hired to cover an off-road motorcycling event, the 1971 Mint 400. Later, he also gets hired to cover a police anti-drugs convention. 

But booze, recreational drugs (including, but not restricted to, ether and adrenal glands), random violence and general mayhem prevent Duke from writing anything meaningful.
Meanwhile, his attorney, Dr Gonzo (aka 
Oscar Zeta Acosta), comes along for the drugs and good times, metamorphosing from a 250lb Mexican into a 300lb Samoan in the process. At either size, he's fucking mental and very scary. He spends much of the book threatening bodily violence on various people, including Duke and himself.
After many misadventures and close scrapes, the pair eventually escape from Vegas, having destroyed two rental cars and wasted two magazines' expense accounts.
It's all a glorious, glorious mess.
I don't know much about Troy Little but this graphic novel is an artistic triumph.
His adaptation of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas is somewhat straightforward - it's like you're reading Thompson's book with added pictures. But the pictures are so fucking beautiful - and beautifully demented - that they greatly enhance the reader's appreciation of the text to the point that you forgive Little's literalness (say that three times fast!).
This is a loving and worthy tribute to one of the great novels of the 20th century and the unhinged genius who wrote it.
Raoul Duke would have approved.
RATING: 5 twisted stars out of five!

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas by Troy Little is published by Top Shelf and is out now.