Monday, November 30, 2015

IN THE 'HOUSE (a review of AdHouse Books)

SO, Chris Pitzer from AdHouse Books recently sent me a stack of comics, most of which I greatly enjoyed. AdHouse produces some eclectic books that are worthy of your consideration if you love indie artists like Daniel Clowes and and Chris Ware.

Supermag by Jim Rugg (AdHouse Books, 2013) ****
I’m aware of Rugg’s work and this mag sold me from the get-go. How can I NOT love a mag where the wrap-around cover shows a masked luchador rearranging some scrub’s face with a dropkick? This high-quality mag showcases Rugg’s many art styles and Clowes-like scripts. Really nice stuff.

Pope Hats #3-4 by Ethan Rilly (AdHouse Books, 2012-15) *****
Speaking of Clowes, the pick of the titles is Pope Hats. #3 is a full-length comic about a lawyer dealing with office politics while coping with the growing success of her actress room mate. #4 features several short stories, the best and longest tale about parents dealing with their adult daughter’s onset of schizophrenia. It’s depressing and brilliant. Rilly is clearly at the top of his game and a creator to watch from the AdHouse stable.

Sadly, I wasn’t so enamoured with Skyscrapers Of The Midwest #4 by Joshua W. Cotter (AdHouse Books, 2007) ***¼, White Clay by Thomas Herpich (AdHouse Books, 2012) ** and The Secret Voice #1 by Zack Soto (AdHouse Books, 2005) ***½
However, AdHouse blew me away with the wordless Mort Grim by Doug Fraser (AdHouse Books, 2005) ***** and the quirkily brilliant UR by Eric Haven (AdHouse Books, 2014) *****

All in all, I was impressed by what AdHouse is putting out there. Indie fans should definitely give this company their support (and money, don’t forget that part either).

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