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COMICS READING FOR MAY: “Keep It Civil – Captain America vs Iron Man (Part 1)”

* NOW WITH STAR RATINGS (ala Wrestling Observer Newsletter PPV reports) *

*****     All-Star Superman, We3
****      New X-Men (the early issues), Batman Inc., Batman And Robin, Dare, Arkham Asylum
***        Zenith, Seven Soldiers
**         Final Crisis, Flex Mentallo
*           Marvel Boy
DUD (or lower) Nameless, later New X-Men and any of his hippy-dippy, pseudo-mystical crap

1.-9. Captain America: War and Remembrance (Marvel, 1990) ****
- originally published in Captain America #247-255 (Marvel, (1980)
Writer: Roger Stern/Artists: John Byrne and Joe Rubinstein
I expected this to be a bit painful – and God knows Stern’s goofy, pseudo-patriotic dialogue that he gives Cap is awful at times – but, surprisingly, I found myself enjoying this tasty nine-issue run by Stern and Byrne. Byrne is at his artistic peak here and the tales are rollicking, featuring Cap taking on the likes of Baron Blood, Batroc the Leaper, Mr Hyde, Baron Von Strucker, Dragon Man and MachineSmith.
10.-18. Captain America #193, 195-199, 203, 210-211 (Marvel, 1976-77) ***¾
19. Captain America Annual #3 (Marvel, 1976) ***½
Writer: Jack Kirby/Artists: Jack Kirby and friends
The King’s last run with Marvel has been unfairly maligned. Sure, his writing style was bombastic and of another era, but his “Madbomb” epic is actually a lot of fun as he puts Cap and the Falcon through their paces as they battle a traitorous “elite” intent on destroying the USA during the Bicentennial celebrations. Kirby’s artwork is as epic as ever. In fact, it’s quite surprising now to realise that some readers were more concerned about Jack’s art than his writing ability. A letter from future Marvel staffer Ralph Macchio talks about having “nightmares” in anticipation of Kirby’s “uselessly large panels”, only to be relieved that he’s kept most of his panels small. What a douchebag. Thankfully, Kirby was happy to use plenty of double-page and single-page spreads to get across the majesty of his work.

20. Captain America #115 (Marvel, 1969) ***
Writer: Stan Lee/Artists: John and Sal Buscema
21. Captain America Annual #6 (Marvel, 1982) *
Writer: JM DeMatteis/Artists: Ron Wilson and Vince Colletta
What should have been a fun tale about the four Caps (Spirit of 76, The Patriot, the insane 50s version and the real Cap) being brought together by Mr Buda (last seen in the oversized Bicentennial Treasury) is very ordinary and painfully forced. The concept of the four Caps fighting together is actually really confusing as it’s just four guys in the same uniform and they’re hard to tell apart. Ron Wilson’s art is bad and Colletta’s inking makes it even worse. As for JM, this isn’t his finest work. His attempt to showcase the 50s Cap’s racism is offensive, especially when he has him using words like “darkies” and “jungle bunnies”. Hideous.
22. Captain America #221 (Marvel, 1978) **
[main story] Writers: Steve Gerber and David Kraft/Artists: Sal Buscema and Mike Esposito
[back-up tale] Writer: Scott Edelman/Artists: Steve Leialoha and Al Gordon
I bought this comic at the time, but sold it years ago. But I rebought it recently because I’d always liked the back-up yarn about Rick Jones becoming “Captain Avenger”. It’s a dreaded “it was all a dream” story, though.
23. Captain America #221 (Marvel, 1982) *
Writer: David Kraft/Artists: Alan Kupperberg, John Beatty and friends
A bizarre wrestling tale – part kayfabe, part real. Really one of Kraft’s poorer efforts, although the wrestling yarn is fun, considering it takes place before the rock’n’wrestling boom, which came three years later.
24.-27. Captain America: Forever Allies #1-4 (Marvel, 2010-11) ***¼
Writer: Roger Stern/Artists: Nick Dragotta, Marco Santucci and Patrick Piazzaguta (interior); Lee Weeks (cover)
28.-30. Captain America: The 1940s Newspaper Strip #1-3 (Marvel, 2010) ***½
Writer: Karl Kesel/Artists: Karl Kesel (interior); Butch Guice (cover)
31. What If...Captain America Were Revived Today? #44 (Marvel, 1984) ***
Writer: Peter Gillis/Artists: Sal Buscema and Dave Simons; Bill Sienkiewicz (cover)
32. Captain America Book and Record Set (Power Records, 1974) *
- originally published in Captain America #168 (Marvel, 1973)
Writer: Tony Isabella/Artists: Sal Buscema, John Tartaglione and George Roussos (interior);Sal Buscema and John Verpoorten (cover)
33.-34. Captain America #27-28 (Marvel, 2004) ***½
Writer: Robert Morales/Artists: Eddie Campbell and Stewart McKenny (interior); Dave Johnson (cover)

35.-53. The Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1 (Marvel, 2010) *****
- originally published in The Invincible Iron Man #1-19 (Marvel, 2008-09)
Writer: Matt Fraction/Artist: Salvador Larroca
Fucking awesome mature (as in MATURE) superhero action. First, Tony Stark faces his worst fears when terrorists use Iron Man technology to create bloody mayhem around the world. Seems an old enemy’s son has decided to target Stark. Then, following the Skrull invasion, Stark and SHIELD are out, Norman Osborne and HAMMER are in. Tony decides to stop Osborne from accessing top-secret documents by storing them in his brain, then slowly deleting the info using Iron Man tech. Only problem is, the process is making him dumber and deader by the minute. How can Stark – using increasingly older and more outdated Iron Man armour – defend himself against the likes of the Sub-Mariner, Madame Masque, Crimson Dynamo and Osborne himself in the guise of the Iron Patriot?
This is amazingly well-written, beautifully illustrated comics. Sophisticated superheroes? Who woulda thunk it?
54.-67. The Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2 (Marvel, 2012) *****
- originally published in The Invincible Iron Man #20-33 (Marvel, 2009-11)
Writer: Matt Fraction/Artists: Salvador Larroca; Jamie McKelvie
68.-72. Hulk Smash The Avengers #1-5 (Marvel, 2012) ***½
Writers/Artists: various; Lee Weeks (cover artist)
Naturally, if we talk about Shellhead and Cap, then we have to talk about The Avengers. So I read this weekly miniseries and will continue with a big Avengers catch-up next month. The Civil War continues...

Seemed like an appropriate time to read (and re-read) some glorious comics put out by one of the great storytellers of this generation.

73.-84. Graphic Ink: The DC Comics Art Of Darwyn Cooke (DC, 2015) *****
- originally published in a bunch of comics (DC, 1985-2015)
Read my blog review HERE.
85. Marvel Double-Shot #3 (Marvel, 2003) ***
(Fantastic Four) Writer: Jai Nitz/Artist: Gurihiru
(Ant-Man) Writer: Sean McKeever/Artist: Darwyn Cooke
86.-88. Batman: Ego And Other Tails (DC, 2007) *****
- originally published in Batman: Ego, Selina’s Big Score and other titles (DC, 2000-05)
3 comics
89.-92. The Twilight Children (Vertigo, 2016) *****
- originally published in The Twilight Children #1-4 (Vertigo, 2015-16)
Writer: Gilbert Hernandez/Artist: Darwyn Cooke
Darwyn’s final project and it’s a fitting tribute to his genius. Gilbert’s magic realism doesn’t always grab me in Love And Rockets, but here married to Darwyn’s extraordinary art helps take it to another level. Love, lust, betrayal, aliens, CIA agents and weird glowing orbs make this book a must-read.
93.-97. Catwoman: The Dark End Of The Street (DC, 2002) *****
- originally published in Detective Comics #759-762, Catwoman #1-4 (DC, 2001-02)
Writer: Ed Brubaker/Artists: Darwyn Cooke, Mike Allred and Cameron Stewart

98. Mooncop: A Tom Gauld Sampler (Drawn 7 Quarterly, 2016) ****
Writer/Artist: Tom Gauld
99. Indie Comic Previews (Boy In A Box Productions, 2016) *
Writers/Artists: various
100. Civil War II/Avengers (Marvel, 2016) ***¼
Writers/Artists: various
101. Serenity/Hellboy/Aliens (Dark Horse, 2016) ***½
Writers: various/Artists: Richard Corben and friends
102. The Phantom (Hermes Press, 2016) *
Writer: unknown/Artist: Jim Aparo
Reprints of dull Charlton tales from 1970. Disappointing and Aparo’s art is pretty primitive.
A curiosity and nothing  more.
103. March (Top Shelf, 2016) ****
Writers: John Lewis and Andrew Aydin/Artist: Nate Powell
A helluva interesting historic tale about Senator John Lewis and his experiences during the Civil Rights Era of the 1950s and 60s.
104. Attack On Titan Anthology (Kodansha Comics, 2016) ****¼
Writers/Artists: various
I NEED this anthology!
105.-111. Oni Press Starter Pack (Oni Press, 2016) ****
- originally published in The Sixth Gun #1, Letter 44 #1, The Bunker #1, Stumptown #1, Helheim #1, Kaijumax #1, The Life After #1 (Oni Press, 2009-14)
A handy tasting tray of seven classic Oni Press titles. I’ve read two – The Sixth Gun (great) and Kaijumax (offensive) – but I’d not read the other five series. So five comics for $5 was great value. I was impressed by all of them, except maybe The Life After. I’ll have to check them out.
112. Camp Midnight (Image, 2016) ****
Writer: Steven T. Seagle/Artist: Jason Adam Katzenstein
113. Bazza The Bogan Barbarian: Sydney Zombie Apocalypse (Silver Fox, 2016) ***
Creators: Sorab Del Rio and Don Ticchio
114. Suicide Squad #1 (DC, 2016) ***¾
- originally published as Suicide Squad #1 (DC, 2011)
Writer: Adam Glass/Artists: Federico Dallocchio, Ransom Getty and Scott Hanna (interior); Ryan Benjamin  (cover)
115. Steve Rogers: Captain America (Marvel, 2016) ***½
(Captain America) Writer: Nick Spencer/Artist: Jesus Saiz
(The Amazing Spider-Man) Writer: Dan Slott/Artist: Javier Garron

116. Harley’s Little Black Book #1 (DC, 2016) ****
Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner/Artists: Amanda Conner, John Timms and Dave Johnson
117. All-New Hawkeye #1 (DC, 2016) ***¾
Writer: Jeff Lemire/Artist: Ramon Perez
118. The Sandman Overture #1 (DC, 2013) ****½
Writer: Neil Gaiman/Artist: JH Williams III
119. Secret Origins Featuring Phantom Girl #42 (DC, 1989) **¾
Writers/artists: various
120.-123. The Supernaturals #1-4 (Marvel, 1998) *
Writer: Brian Pulido and Mark Andreyko/Artists: Ivan Reis and Joe Pimentel (interior); Jim Balent (cover)
This Elseworlds-style miniseries kicks off with the “Chaos! Event” (Whoa ! Subtle plug there, Pulido!), which causes all non-supernatural superheroes to vanish. Fast forward 13 years later to Halloween. A second “Chaos! Event” is about to take place that will destroy the planet, so it’s up to Brother Voodoo to bring together a team of misfits: The Black Cat, Ghost Rider, Satana, Gargoyle and Werewolf By Night. Together they must battle Jack O’Lantern and various other evil critters including Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, Living Mummy, Fin Fang Foom, etc.
Whoa, this slice o’ late 90s cheese was too good (or is that “too bad”) to pass up. This weird weekly series sums up everything that stank comics during this period (particularly Chaos! Comics during this era). First up we have Brian Pulido as a writer. The guy just plain sucks. Ivan Reis – who has gone on to become a very good artist – draws in that horrible, cartoony style that Chaos! revelled in. All weird angles and odd panel construction that made little sense.
Finally, the covers are by Jim Balent! Sadly, they’re surprisingly cheesecake-free, which means they just simply suck.
I mainly picked up this series to get the free Halloween masks that came with each issue, including “the rare Ghost Rider mask”...which I scored in the first issue. Hardly rare, then.
124. Legion: Secret Files #1 (DC, 1998) ***½
Writers: Tom Peyer, Tom McCraw/Artists: various   

125. Buried Treasure (self-published, 2016) ***
Writer/artist: Sarah Catherine Firth (www.sarahthefirth.com)
It’s a cute yarn – it’s meant to be profound, but falls a bit short.
126. Weird Worlds Vol. 1 No. 1 (Eerie Publications, 1970) *
Writers: unknown/Artist: Dick Ayers (maybe others)
Downloaded off the net. This is godawful sci-fi schlock, even by Dick Ayers’ low standards.
127.-129. And Then Emily Was Gone #3-5 (Comix Tribe, 2014) ****½
Writer: John Lees/Artist: Iain Laurie

130.-134. Atomic Robo: The Dogs Of War (Red 5, 2009) ***½
- originally published in Atomic Robo: The Dogs Of War #1-5 (Red 5, 2008-09)
Writer: Brian Clevinger/Artist: Scott Wegener
135. Patience by Daniel Clowes (Jonathan Cape, 2016) ****¼
136.-141. SuperGirl: Cosmic Adventures In the 8th Grade (DC, 2016) ***
- originally published in SuperGirl: Cosmic Adventures In the 8th Grade #1-6 (DC, 2009)
Writer: Landrey Q. Walker/Artist: Eric Jones
I bought this TPB for my kids and my five-year-old son Dash liked it so much that he asked me and his mum to read it. I found it a bit too try-hard as it tried to shoehorn a bunch of Supergirl and Superman mythology into a storyline that would also appeal to tweens (and younger kids like my son). It just missed the mark, then again, I’m not the target audience.
142. Powers #6 (Icon, 2016) ***½
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis/Artist: Mike Avon Oeming
143.-145. Race For The Moon (Canton Street Press, 2015) ****
- originally published as Race For The Moon #1-3 (Harvey, 1958)
Writers: unknown/Artists: Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Bob Powell, Al Williamson and friends
Some classic Cold War Era sci-fi action with tons of amazing Kirby art. A rare gem. Shame about the cheap production, though – including misspelling Bob Powell’s name on the cover.
146. The Wizard King: Odkin, Son Of Odkin (Vanguard Productions, 2007) ***½
- originally self-published in 1981, parts reprinted in 1984 (Warren, mid-80s) and World Of Wood (Eclipse, mid-80s)

Writer: Wally Wood/Artists: Wally Wood with help from Peter Hsu, Jack Robinson and Randy Elliott 

Monday, May 23, 2016

DANN'S DIARY COMIX, February 2016

I thought people would enjoy reading my second (and last) Dann's Diary Comix.
Yes, it was a fun experiment, but I've given it away to focus on other projects.
Let me know what you thought of it, though.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kirby Your Enthusiam. ep. 45: "Herb Rules!"

In which I discuss Les Daniels' fascinating histories of Marvel (published in 1991) and DC (published in 1995).

I also review the fascinating biography, The Incredible Herb Trimpe.
Finally, I rave about the DC series Gotham Central. An underrated gem.
It's 30 minutes of well-rehearsed comic goodness and it can be found HERE.

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COMICS READING FOR APRIL: “Alien vs Psychopath (aka Superman vs Batman)”

* NOW WITH STAR RATINGS (ala Wrestling Observer Newsletter PPV reports) *

*****     All-Star Superman, We3
****      New X-Men (the early issues), Batman Inc., Batman And Robin, Dare, Arkham Asylum
***        Zenith, Seven Soldiers
**         Final Crisis, Flex Mentallo
*           Marvel Boy
DUD (or lower) Nameless, later New X-Men and any of his hippy-dippy, pseudo-mystical crap

1. Superman #8 (DC, 1987) ***½
Writer: John Byrne/Artists: John Byrne and Karl Kesel
The post-Crisis Superman meets the Legion Of Super-Heroes “for the first time” and learns about a new threat known as...Superboy? This story continued in Action Comics #591 (which I have) with Superman punching on with Superboy.
2.-7. Superman: Secret Origin (DC, 2010) ****¼
- Superman: Secret Origin #1-6 (DC, 2009-10)
Writer: Geoff Johns/Artist: Gary Frank
This is really, really good. Heavily based on the Superman: The Movie from the 70s. And loved it! Frank draws Supes as Christopher Reeves and that’s just perfect!
8.-9. DC Comics Presents #46, 62 (DC, 1982-83) **½
#46 Superman and The Global Guardians (Writer: EN Bridwell/Artists: Alex Saviuk and Pablo Marcos)
#62 Superman and The Freedom Fighters (Writer: Bob Rozakis and Dan Mishkin/Artists: Irv Novick and Dave Hunt

10.-13. Batman: Year One (DC, 1988) ****
- originally published in Batman #404.-407 (DC, 1986-87)
Writer: Frank Miller/Artist: David Mazzucchelli
14. Detective Comics #572 (DC, 1987) ***½
Writer: Mike W. Barr/Artists: Alan Davis and Paul Neary, Terry Beatty and Dick Giordano, Carmine Infantino, ER Cruz, Dick Sprang (interior); Michael Kaluta (cover)
It’s been nearly 30 years since I first read these comics. Batman: Year One is really fucking good, probably better than The Dark Knight Returns. As for the 50th anniversary issue of Detective Comics, it’s a fun lil’ read with some glorious art. Seeing Batman team up with Sherlock Holmes is a hoot. Revisiting these old comics was a hoot.

15. The Argus Super Comic, May 5, 1949 (The Argus Newspaper) **¾
- featuring Superman, Tarzan, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny and more obscure strips like Hermon Wizzer
 The front page of this weekly lift-out was the colour Superman strip. The story is Supes battling...a juvenile delinquent (!!). I don’t know who did the artwork, but it’s mediocre.

16.-18. JLA Classified #1-3 (DC, 2005) ***¾
Writer: Grant Morrison/Artists: Ed McGuinnes and Dexter Vines
19.-24. JLA Classified #10-15 (DC, 2005) ***½
Writer: Warren Ellis/Artists: Butch Guice (interior); Michael Stribling (covers)
25.-27. Justice League of America #123-124, 200 (DC, 1975, 1982) ***
#123-124 – Writers: Cary Bates and Elliot S! Maggin/Artists: Dick Dillin and Frank McLaughlin (interior), Ernie Chan (cover)
#200 – Writer: Gerry Conway/Artists: George Perez and friends
28. JLA/JSA: Virtue And Vice (DC, 2002) ***½
Writers: David S. Goyer and Geoff Johns/Artists: Carlos Pacheco and Jēsus Meriño
29.-35. Tales Of The Bizarro World (DC, 2000) ***
- originally published in Adventure Comics #285-299 (DC, 1961-62)
Writer: Jerry Siegel/Artists: various (interior), Jaime Hernandez (cover)
36.-44. Batman In The Sixties (DC, 1999) ***½
- originally published in Batman #131, #144, #148, #155, #179, #181, #200, #217; Detective Comics #298, #341, #349, #369, #388-391; Batman Kellogg’s Special (DC, 1960-69)
Writers: various/Artists: various
45.-51. Identity Crisis (DC, 2005) ***¾
- originally published in Identity Crisis #1-7 (DC, 2004-05) 

52.-56. Gotham Central #1-5 (DC, 2003) ****
Writers: Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka/Artist: Michael Lark
57.-61. Gotham Central #6-10 (DC, 2003) ****
Writer: Greg Rucka/Artist: Michael Lark
Bought these off Comixology (www.comixology.com)
62.-73. Gotham Central Book Two: Jokers And Madmen (DC, 2009) ****
- originally published in Gotham Central #11-22 (DC, 2003-04)
Writers: Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka/Artists: Michael Lark and friends
A really underrated crime noir/police procedural series set in Gotham City, where the cops’ lives are forever under the shadow of “Bats” and his rogue’s gallery of insane villains. Gripping stuff.
74.-81. Justice League Beyond 2.0 Power Struggle TPB (DC, 2014) ***¼
- originally published online in Justice League Beyond 2.0 #1-16 (DC, 2014)
Writer: Christos N. Gage/Artists: Iban Coello and Rob Lean (interior); Rafael Albuquerque (cover)
82.-86. Birds Of Prey: Dead Of Winter (DC, 2007) ****
- originally published in Birds Of Prey #104-108 (DC, 2007)
87.-95. Superman: Mon-El – Man Of Valor (DC, 2010) ***½
- originally published in Superman #692-697, Superman Annual #14, Superman Secret Files 2009 #1 and Adventure Comics #11 (DC, 2009)
Writer: James Robinson/Artists: Fernando Dagnino, Bernard Chang and Javier Pina (interiors); Cafu (cover)

96.-102. Catwoman Vol. 2: Crooked Little Town (DC, 2003) ****¼
- originally published in Catwoman #5-10 and Catwoman Secret Files (DC, 2002)
103.-110. Catwoman Vol. 3: Relentless (DC, 2005) ****¼
- originally published in Catwoman #12-19 (DC, 2003)
111.-115. Catwoman Vol. 4: Wild Ride (DC, 2005) ****¼
- originally published in Catwoman #20-24 (DC, 2003)
Writer: Ed Brubaker/Artists: Brad Rader; Michael Avon Oeming; Cameron Stewart, Rick Burchett; Mike Manley; Eric Shanower; Michael Lark; Javier Pulido; JG Jones and friends

116. Superman #155 (DC, 1962) ***
[“Superman Under the Green Sun!” and “The Blind Superman”] Writer: Bill Finger/Artists: Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye
["The Downfall Of Superman!”] Writer: Jerry Siegel/Artists: Curt Swan and George Klein (interior); Curt Swan and John Forte (cover)
A lame Superman comic, typical of the early 60s, but the fact that it has a short tale featuring then-super-popular pro wrestler Antonino Rocca makes it an interesting curio.
117. Action Comics #488 (DC, 1978) **¾
Writer: Cary Bates; Artists: Curt Swan & Frank Chiaramonte
118. Harley And Ivy: Love On The Lam (DC, 2001) ****
Writer: Judd Winick/Artist: Joe Chiodo
119.-121. The Superman/Madman Hullabaloo! #1-3 (DC, 1997) ***
Writer/Artist: Mike Allred
122.-124. Power Girl #97-99 (DC, 1978) **
Writer: Paul Levitz/Artists: Joe Staton, Joe Orlando and Dick Giordano
125.-131. Batman: Under The Hood Vol. 2 (DC, 2006) ***¾
- originally published in Batman #645-650 and Batman Annual #25 (DC, 2005-06)
Writer: Judd Winick/Artists: Doug Mahnke & friends
132. Superman vs Muhammad Ali: Deluxe Edition (DC, 2010) ***¾
- originally published in Superman vs Muhammad Ali DC Treasury Edition (DC, 1978)
Writer: Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams/ Artists: Neal Adams, Dick Giordano and Terry Austin (interior); Neal Adams (cover)

133. Pubs Of The Inner West (self-published, 2015) ***¾
- originally published digitally in 2012-15 by rigozzi.tumblr.com
Writer/artist: Leigh Rigozzi
I’ve been to most of the pubs Leigh writes about in this moving slice of life of love, love lost, heavy drinking and violent vomiting. We can all relate to some or all of these things, surely?
Download your copy (and throw a few bux Leigh’s way) at https://zco.mx/LeighRigozzi/PubsOfTheInnerWest.

134. Fumetti (self-published, 2005) **
Writer/artist: Leigh Rigozzi
This earlier work is far more patchy – it’s all to do with smoke and images blending into other images, but it just doesn’t work.

135. Folding Kimono (self-published, 201?) ***½
Writer/Artist: Jem Yoshioka
This autobiographical comic talks about Jem’s identity problems being half-Japanese/half-New Zealander. Her feeling of emptiness and inability to understand one half of her heritage is reflected in the traditional kimono her grandmother gave her and Jem’s inability to look after it properly. A very engaging short piece and Jem’s artwork is great.

136. Tales From The Crypt #10 (Eerie Publications, 1968) **¼
Writers/artists: various
Nowhere near as gruesome as later Eerie comics, from what I can gather, this comic features hackneyed BandW “tales of terror” that are pretty anaemic and look like they’ve been drawn by sub-standard 1940s artists (probably because they were, who just redrew old 40s public domain tales to begin with). A curiosity, but little more.

137. Martian Comics #1 (Martian Lit, 2014) **¾
Writers:  Julian Darius and Kevin Thurman/Artist: Sergio Tarquini (interior)/Darick Robertson (cover)
This was sent to me as a PDF via email. I was intrigued...Jesus was a Martian? A curious premise, but it’s the back-up feature (in which Jesus WAS a Martian) that was interesting. The main story kinda drags and writer/creator/egotist Julian Darius thinks he’s some kinda shit-hot genius. He’s not.
I can’t be effed reading further issues.

138. Dream Police #9 (Image, 2016) ***½
Writer; J. Michael Straczynski/Artist: Sid Kotian
139. Palefire (Secret Acres, 2015) ****
Writer: MK Reed/Artist: Farel Dalrymple
140. Andre The Giant: Closer To Heaven (IDW, 2015) ****
Writer: Brandon Easton/Artist: Denis Medri