Monday, June 27, 2016

Marvel Collector Corps: Women Of Power box...the opening

THE Women Of Power box arrived last Thursday. I was excited, as I'd heard good things about it.

I opened it up and... Hell, the box art itself is amazing...

Nice patch and pin. Not that I collect them, but they're cool.

Aaaaah.....a Spider-Gwen T-shirt. Didn't particularly grab me, but I managed to sell it to someone else, so it's all good.

An alternative-cover version of Civil War II #1. Noice!

 Mini-Pop dollies. She-Hulk and Captain Marvel? Very cool.

But the fucking money shot! Oh my fucking God! SQUIRREL GIRL!!!! Awesome!!!!!

OK. This MCC box was amazing. A total winner and value for money even BEFORE I sold off the T-shirt. Colour me impressed, MCC. :)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Crites' Coloring Book (Headpress, 2016)

I AM now the proud owner of my very first adult colouring book and I couldn't be happier. It is a fitting tribute to the very talented Tom Crites who tragically took his own life in 2013.
I'd known Crites on a casual basis for more than 20 years. I sent him copies of my zine BETTY PAGINATED, which he reviewed in his excellent review zine PANISCUS REVUE (it later moved exclusively online where people from around the world could now read Tom's glowing reviews of my publication).
Crites also sent me copies of his dark-but-brilliant comics/art anthology MALEFACT, equal parts awesome and disturbing.
Over the years, I'd irregularly write to Crites (later we exchanged emails and later still PMs on Facebook). I'd send him my zines and, occasionally, Australian-made bags of pork rinds (he was a pork rinds aficionado and his reviews were both entertaining and comprehensive).
We had what was, to me, a perfect "ziney" friendship, similar to dozens of other overseas/interstate friendships I've built up over the decades with artists and zinesters. Maybe it wasn't exactly friendship, but I liked and respected Crites and I hope he felt the same way about me.
News of his death shocked and saddened me - as did finding out that he'd had mental health issues for many years. It also hit home how superficial our relationship had been. He was a nice guy, a supporter of my work and yet we knew so little about each other's personal lives. 
That's how the zine community works, I guess.
That said, I miss Tom and I miss the fact he's not there anymore to talk to or to send him my zines for feedback.
I'm happy that Crites' incredible body of artwork is being celebrated and brought to the attention of a larger audience courtesy of this new book from Headpress (purchase it HERE).
Crites never produced his work to be coloured in, I imagine, but his clean, crisp artwork suits the new craze perfectly.
Not that I'm colouring any of the drawings myself. This will take pride of place in my bookcase, a fantastic tribute to a wonderful, sorely missed creator.
To read more about Crites the man, read an interview with one of his friends HERE.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

MAY HORROR BLOCK: The final opening.......

 IT'S here! The last of my NerdBlock Horror Blocks. Let's see what we've got.

Looks pretty full this month.

 A vinyl soundtrack of The Omen. That's very cool.

 A copy of the first issue of the Titan property, based on the popular TV series. Cool.

I'll read this, then pass it onto my friend AW. There's always something worth reading in Rue Morgue

A funky pin.
 A nifty Blu-ray. This will be added to my Halloween Horror Month's viewing.

Pocket Pop!s - kinda funky.

A Gremlins T-shirt? Looks great, but I'm not a  fan of the flick, so I'll pass it on to my sister-in-law who's a big Gremlins fan.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Probably the perfect time to quit this scheme as this was the least satisfactory of the three boxes I received. I guess if I'd received another T-shirt that I liked, then I'd give this box a higher mark. Ah well.