Saturday, October 1, 2016

BELATED FILM REVIEW: Suicide Squad (USA, 2016, dir. David Ayer)


I IGNORE the mixed reviews and went to see Suicide Squad just before it dropped out of cinema release. I’d always been a fan of John Ostrander’s gritty 80s series [see breakout], so I was keen to see whether this flick captured some of that same flavour.
I’m no Will Smith fan either, but I was keen to see how Margot Robbie sank her teeth into the role of Harley Quinn.
Well, despite some massive plot holes and inconsistent characterisations, I really liked the movie.
Harley Quinn is far and away the star of the movie and steals every scene she’s in. Robbie gets across her care-free insanity and her tragic obsession with The Joker.
I know some people didn’t like Jared Leto’s interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime – and his more mutual relationship with Harley (unlike the very one-sided nature of their relationship in the comics) – but I thought Leto’s Joker was fantastic. Utterly crazy and willing to do anything to get his main squeeze back.
Will Smith’s Deadshot was a surprise – I thought he was pretty cool, although his jump from stone-cold assassin to noble hero in the space of one scene was a bit hard to swallow.
Amanda Waller (xxx) was picture-perfect. Cold, brutal – the scene where she shoots all her staff because “they knew too much” perfectly captured her character.
I was less impressed with Rick Flag (xxx) who looked disturbingly like CM Punk. In fact, that though kept bouncing around my head every time he popped up on the screen. His relationship with June “Enchantress” Moone was the weak point of the flick.
With the focus heavily on Harley Quinn and Deadshot, the other members of the Suicide Squad got short shrift, although Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc showed promise. Katana felt like an after-thought and xxx and xxxx were just there to get across the “suicide” aspect of the team.
My main beef with the film’s plot was the fact that the Squad was formed to take on meta-human threats. But their first mission is to take on one of their own squad members, Enchantress, gone rogue. So if the squad hadn’t been formed in the first place, there would have been no world-shattering crisis. Waller created the problem AND the solution.
Hmmmm…a more paranoid observer might think she did it deliberately. Sneaky bitch, huh.

Then again, if I was a high-ranking government official and saw one of Waller’s crew nearly destroy a city, I might just recommend they withdraw the Squad’s funding and have her fat arse fired. Just saying…

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