Saturday, July 26, 2008

Silver Star #1 - dear god...this is horrible!

I PICKED this up cheap on eBay and - holy hell! - I'm glad I didn't pay big bux for it. Kirby's last major piece of independent comics work (c.1983) is fucking fucking FUCKING shithouse!

Bad art - blame Michael Royer's inking, I guess - but worse still is Kirby's plotting and script. I put this down to the old man's growing senility. I mean, this is just awful, even by Jack's painful writing standards.
From what I can tell, this is some kinda New Gods/Eternals retread with a big emphasis on Jack's daughter Susan Kirby's crapola song lyrics. Seriously, he devotes pages to her inane, trite, stupid song lyrics. Yikes! Other than that, it's completely nonsensical. I mean, it makes no sense whatsoever.
And just try to read the above stream-of-diarrhoea dialogue above. There's 20 pages of this drivel. TWENTY FUCKEN PAGES!!!
Listen, I love Kirby's artwork, but when his art's bad - and, seriously, his art is BAD here - then there's NOTHING worth recommending in one of his comics.

No wonder Pacific Comics went belly-up soon after Silver Star came out.

And you have a fucken cheek, Image Comics, rereleasing this garbage on an unsuspecting world (the hardcover's sealed in plastic, dammit!). I'm so glad I fought the urge and didn't waste my money buying the book.

BTW, Kirby crony Michael Thibodeaux wrote and drew the back-up feature, Last Of The Viking Heroes, and it pretty much proves that MT should stick to inking for a living.

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