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COMICS READING FOR SEPTEMBER: “Totally not gay...well, a bit”

* NOW WITH STAR RATINGS (ala Wrestling Observer Newsletter PPV reports) *

*****     Watchmen, Miracleman, V For Vendetta
****      From Hell, Supreme, Swamp Thing, Fashion Beast, League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (first two series)
***        Axel Pressbutton, Tom Strong
**         Promethea
*           LoEG: Century: 1969
DUD (or lower) any of his non-comics stuff

1.-26. Tom Of Finland: The Complete Kake Comics (Taschen, 2014) *****
- originally published in Kake #1-26 (various publishers, 1968-86)
Writer/artist: Tom of Finland
Not everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying Tom’s artistic talent and his, vision. Luckily, I’m secure enough in my sexuality to appreciate Kake (pronounced “Cocky”) and his wordless adventures. This is a beautifully produced book, as you’d expect from Taschen.

27.-40. Fatale #12-24 (Image, 2013-14) ***¾
Writer: Ed Brubaker/Artist: Sean Phillips
Hardly the most satisfying ending in the world (almost predictable), but still a lot of fun on the journey to the finale.

41. The Graveyard Book Vol. 1 (Bloomsbury, 2014) *****
Writer: Neil Gaiman (novel), P. Craig Russell (adaptation)/Artists: P. Craig Russell & friends
My "6yo forever" daughter loves this faithful adaptation. I do, too. We both can't wait for volume two.

42. Wild’s End #1 (BOOM!, 2014) ***¾
Writer: Dan Abnett/Artist: INJ Culbard
43. MPH #3 (Image, 2014) ****
Writer: Mark Millar/Artist: Duncan Fegredo
44. Velvet #7 (Image, 2014) ****
Writer: Ed Brubaker/Artist: Steve Epting

45.-47. Original Sin #6-8 (Marvel, 2014) ***¼
Writer: Jason Aaron/Artist: Mike Deodato (interior), Julian Totino Tedesco (cover)
48.-50. Original Sin: Hulk vs Iron Man #.3.2-3.4 (Marvel, 2014) ****
Writers: Mark Waid & Kieron Gillen/Artists: Luke Ross (interiors), JG Jones (covers)
51.-53. Original Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #5.2-5.4 (Marvel, 2014) ***½
Writers: Jason Aaron & Al Ewing/Artists: Lee Garbett, Simone Bianchi & friends (interiors); Dale Keown, Simone Bianchi (covers)  
54.-55. Original Sins #4-5 (Marvel, 2014) ****
Writers/artists: various
The core series ended with a whimper, not a bang. So Fury was some kinda intergalactic cop who helped The Watcher commit suicide? Erm...okaaaaay.
The two spin-offs had their moments, with the Hulk vs Iron Man mini the superior series.
But the surprise package was Original Sins, featuring a quirky Young Avengers story, plus fascinating short tales featuring some strong writing.

56. Wolverine: Bloodlust (Marvel, 1990) ***
Writers/artists: Alan Davis & Paul Neary
57.-64. Futures End #11-18 (DC, 2014) ***¾
Writers/artists: various
65. The Sundowners #2 (Dark Horse, 2014) ***¾
Writer: Tim Seeley/Artists: Jim Terry (interior), Chris Brunner with Rico Renzi (cover)

66.-105. Sweet Tooth #1-25, Vols 5&6 (Vertigo, 2009-13) *****
- originally published in Sweet Tooth #1-40 (Vertigo, 2009-13)
Writer: Jeff Lemire/Artists: Jeff Lemire & friends
106.-110. Nailbiter #1-5 (Image, 2014) ***¾
Writer: Joshua Williamson/Artist: Mike Henderson
Listen to my podcast about Nailbiter and Sweet Tooth HERE.

111.-116. Justice League Beyond: In Gods We Trust (DC, 2014) ***¾
- originally published in Justice League Beyond Digital Chapters #17-25, Superman Beyond Digital Chapters #11-20 (DC, 2013)
Writers/artists: various

117. Void (Titan, 2014) ***
Writer: Herik Hanna/Artist: Sean Phillips
I worked out the “twist” ending to this sci-fi/horror yarn on the first page. Hackneyed Hanna sucks huge sweaty black balls as a writer. But at least Phillips’ art is nicely gruesome.
118.-121. Marvel Adventures: The Avengers: Thor And Captain America (Marvel, 2011) ***
- first published in Super Heroes #13-16 (Marvel, 2008-09)
Writers/artists: various

122.-123. Fil Barlow’s Rex Vectar & Fil Barlow’s Zooniverse (Zoonitoons, 1986, 1992, 2013) ****
Writer/artist: Fil Barlow
I’m a sucker for this amazing Aussie artist’s work. These booklets, featuring some reprinted work from decades earlier, are a lovely taster of the new work to come (hopefully soon). Hurry up, Fil! While we're waiting, check out his website HERE.

124. Get Lost #1 (NCG, 1987) **¾
- originally published in Get Lost #1 (Mikecross Publications, 1954)
Writers/artists: Ross Andru, Mike Esposito & friends; Paul Gulacy (cover artist)
A B&W reprint of a sub-Mad rip-off from the 50s. Mediocre.
125. World’s Worst Comics Awards #1 (Kitchen Sink Comix, 1990) ***
Writer: James. I. Schumeister/Artist: Rich Larson
126.-129. Deathmatch Vol. 3 (BOOM!, 2014) ***
- originally published in Deathmatch #9-12 (BOOM!, 2013)
Writer: Paul Jenkins/Artist: Carlos Magno
What a disappointing ending to an extremely promising series. A convoluted, rabbits-pulled-out-of-their-arses deus ex machine resolution. Just a mess. It really left a bitter taste in my mouth.

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