Friday, January 29, 2016


I THOUGHT I cancelled this bloody thing...

OK, let's see what's in my January block.

Hmmm...looks promising for AUD$50 worth of stuff...

They Live!
This T-shirt is fucking awesome!!!

Nice! I'm using this at work right now.

What the fuck..?
A broken, evil dolly head? Hmmm...perfect for leaving around an abandoned house to scare the frig out of stoner kids.

A mini-cleaver keyring? 
Meh. How many keyrings do I need in my life?

A film cel is pretty cool. 
Clearly a copy, but it's still waaaaay cool. :)

And a great bloody magazine to wrap up the Horror Block. I'm glad as hell they "accidentally" sent this to me.

OK, paint me IMPRESSED. This block was super-great value for money. If the dollar improves, I may well go back to ordering more of these.
If you want one, head to Nerd Block. I'd highly recommend it.

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