Friday, April 8, 2016


YAY! It arrived! Cool beans!

 The unveiling is ready.

 Wow! This box looks packed with stuff.

The T-shirt is Sadako from The Ring. That's pretty funky.

 A zombie door stop. Oh man...that's fucking cool! I'll use it for our door at work.

I'm not a big Walking Dead fan, but this mini-toy is neat.

I will keep this fuckery by my bed. It is extremely bloody handy!

 Meh. I'll give this to my mate AW.

An oven glove????? Oh yeah, finally! A gift I can give to Helen. 

 This keeps getting better and better. This gross tension doll is fun to squeeze, but when you do so, its "brains" get squished to the top of its head.

I had a flick through the mag before passing it on to AW. There were a few good articles this time round: a look back on Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (a woefully under-appreciated horror film) plus some cool reviews. Good stuff.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Eight items and only one dud among them, so this was awesome value for money. Well done, HorrorBlock. I can't wait for next month's package.

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