Saturday, September 5, 2015

KYE Ep. 41: "The Terra of it all"

In which I spend half the podcast talking about some of the comics I read in July and August, then spend the second half dissecting "The Judas Contract" storyline from NEW TEEN TITANS in 1982-84. Man, did this story arc suck!!!
Find out why HERE.
Oh...and I couldn't readily find any to quote during the podcast, but below are a few of the "lovable" insults the Titans throw at each other in the comics. Great writing, Marv. CLAP CLAP CLAP

Changeling to Cyborg: "Shut up, rusthead."
Speedy to Kid Flash: "Whoa there, fleet-feet."
Cyborg to Changeling: "Yeah, do that, green-genes."
Terra to Cyborg: "Now yer talkin' my language, rusty."

No,'re not talking the language of ANYONE in the real world.

Speaking of poor writing, here are two more inexplicablly bad plotting elements by writer Marv Wolfman that I forgot to include in the podcast.
* In issue 29, Terra tells Changeling that she's not a Teen Titan and "second, I'm not becoming one." The next issue, they are in her apartment and she reveals her new outfit, saying "So tell me, bozo, am I Titans' material or what?" Wow, that was a sudden change of heart on her part. I mean, we find out later THE REAL REASON why she wants to join the team, but why does she pretend she doesn't want to join in #29? I put it down to Marv being a talentless hack.
* In issue 30, The Brotherhood Of Evil defeat the Titans, then inexplicably let them live, with Phobia saying they have no desire to kill them. When they clash again an issue later, Warp tells the Titans that the Brotherhood have no qualms killing them. Er...slightly contradictory there.
I could find other obnoxious elements, but I think I cover most of the reasons why "The Judas Contract" is an overrated turd in the podcast. :)

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