Friday, October 9, 2015

Kirby Your Enthusiasm, ep. 42: "Essential" and "Godzilla" aren't two words you normally see in the same sentence

THIS podcast was supposed to be rambling reviews of Essential Godzilla Vol. 1 (Marvel, 2006), plus a bit at the end about Image's freaky series, Wytches. However, the second part of the podcast fucked up and now it's just about Godzilla. Sorry about that, but I can't be arsed re-recording it.

Ah well...let me just say here that Wytches is scary as hell and well worth your time picking up the first volume. It does for witches what The Walking Dead did for zombies. Seriously, freaky as fuck.
Anyways, enjoy this "on the road" edition of KYE, co-starring the Hotbody Helen. Cheers.
Podcast is 21 minutes long and can be found HERE.

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