Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dr Peculiar update...ALREADY!

I GOT THIS EMAIL from Mike Pindell from The Comic Book Attic today:

"Enjoyed the further look at Madison Comics. I'm attaching a photo of me holding my copy of Dr Peculiar #2 so you can be assured it does exist. I got it at the same used book store I got my (and your) copy of issue #1. I looked repeatedly over the years for another copy of issue 2 for you to no avail.  
Strangely, I found all my Madison Comics (and I believe I have most of them at this point - not sure) at this store, and many of the titles had multiple copies there. It's almost as if someone involved with the production of these comics unloaded their copies to this used book store in Maryland. There were also copies of Landgraf's New York City Outlaws there, as well as Jacobs and Landgraf's Julie Winsome oddity, all of which I got. It all seems very curious that multiple copies of these books were gathered in one bookstore amidst totally random other comics...
"Upon perusing my other Madison comics just now, I discovered that my Power Stars #2 was signed by Jacobs! I'm attaching a pic of that, too.
"It seems there's a bit of a cult following building here.  I'm going to do a little  research within the Madison comics I have and see if I can come up with any more insight.  I'm also going to go back to that used book store at some point to see if there are any Madison books left and grab them for the folks out there looking for them. 
More info to come, hopefully..."

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