Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Okay, Comic Block...WOW me!!!

THIS is my November Comic Block, the last one in my three-month subscription. Let's see what I got...

A Batgirl T-shirt. Hmmmm...I might not wear it in public, but I'll certainly wear this one around the house.
A Thor knock-off key ring? Meh. I'll give that one away if I can. 

Two Star Wars comics? I could not care less.

Well, I'm waiting for the trade to come out, but it's nice to get the first issue to see what this new series is like.

Pacific fucking Rim? Why the fuck would anyone read this? Yeah, I think I'm getting out of Comic Block at just the right time.

But I've just ordered a Horror Block (it was half price on Black Friday) and I have one more Marvel Superhero Block to come.

So I'm still a sucker for these things...

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