Tuesday, January 31, 2017

REVIEW: Dead Inside #1 (Dark Horse)

BEING a detective is a thankless job, I imagine, but being a homicide detective who investigates murders in prisons must really SUCK.
Linda Caruso doesn't want to be a detective in the first place, but if she's there she's gonna do the best job she can.
So why is everyone throwing up roadblocks when she investigates a bizarre murder-suicide? Why did a skinny little inmate gut a much bigger con, then kill himself afterwards when he only had a few months before parole? And why are the prison warden and Linda's boss so keen to sweep this crime under a rug?
This is one gritty, compelling noir tale and Fejzula's indie-ish artwork is perfect - making every scene feel off-kilter and dreamlike. Arcudi has crafted a thoroughly entertaining whodunnit that has me keen to seek out issue two.
I'd be stunned if this doesn't wind up as Netflix or Showtime TV drama in the next year or so.

Dead Inside #1 (Dark Horse, Dec. 2016)
Writer: John Arcudi/Artist: Toni Fejzula (interior); Dave Johnson (cover)/Colours: Andre May
RATING: 9.5 out of 10

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