Tuesday, January 31, 2017

REVIEW: Dead Inside #2 (Dark Horse, Jan. 2017)

ISSUE one is barely cold and I'm already enjoying issue two of this enthralling crime noir tale. 
Detective Linda Caruso is up to her eyeballs in dirty business as her investigation into a murder-suicide in a prison turns out to be a double murder - and the killer may well be a prison guard.
This issue does a slow reveal as we learn that Caruso is more than capable of handling herself - both mentally and physically - which only makes it more mysterious why her superiors have so little faith in her abilities. Yet another subplot waiting to be resolved in a future issue.
And the final page provides an intriguing and somewhat shocking moment that had me wondering what the hell's gonna happen next.
Fejzula's art is really growing on me while writer Arcudi is doing some of his finest work to date.
You really need to get your hands on Dead Inside, published by Dark Horse. Issue two is on sale now and the first issue is probably still floating around in comic shops or on Comixology.

Dead Inside #2 (Dark Horse, Jan. 2017)
Writer: John Arcudi/Artist: Toni Fejzula (interior); Dave Johnson (cover)/Colours: Andre May

RATING: 9.5 out of 10

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