Monday, May 1, 2017

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2: The Unboxing

Hey, Marvel Collector Corps... 

 ...WOW ME!

 Patch and pin. Not bad...
 Like the box art.
 Not a fan of the Secret Empire premise, but the variant cover designed for this box is pretty cool from Ben Butcher.

I knew this was coming, but DAMN! This Pop! Vinyl of Rocket Raccoon with Baby Groot is sweeeeeet. :)

 Whoa. Nice Dorbz. Big and chunky, too. That was a bonus I was *NOT* expecting. :)

FUCKING HELL! This T-shirt is AWESOME!!!!
In fact, so good that I've worn it two days straight and refuse to take it off. It smells, but I don't care. Deal with my Funko funk, people!

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Easily the BEST box put out by Marvel Collector Corps. A big thumbs up. 10/10

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